BMW 325Xi with UMPC/ Carputer/ Car PC SETUP by: Uli Suratos

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

From a CD holder to a UMPC holder. DIY project cost me around $40.

This is my DIY Q1 UMPC case. From Body Glove to a case for a UMPC. Bought it from Best Buy what a perfect size for my Q1. So of to the work shop and converted it to a perfect case for my Q1. Its well paded cover protects the Q1. I left a couple of cd plastic holder to use it as pockets. I used extra subwoofer cover to line the holder. Looks OEM, I have to say.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I Just wanted to share this action shot from my work. I was able to do a Power point presentation using my Q1. It worked flawlesssly with the HP over head projector and I was also able to grab the Q1 and hold it during the presentation. Everybody was asking me what kind of device was it because it was the first time i brought the device to work. For all the people who has been asking what is the UMPC for, this is one of its uses and many more....